Becoming a famous photographer

There are two methods whereby photographers come to have famous portraits.  The first, whilst the easiest, is available to only a handful of people.  The photographer who takes pictures of famous people achieves notoriety quickly.  Those such as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe need no special camera angles or photoshopping to make their photos interesting, their status alone brings with it an allure that makes people stop and look.

However, to be able to make ANY person appear in the same magical appeal is a much more difficult goal.  While this method is available to all of us, it takes much longer to attain.  But, to those that achieve it the end results are far more interesting and valuable.

Within each person is something special, something that sets us apart from the rest.  All portraits that become famous share one thing in common, they all capture this “something” that is unique and special about that person.

A photographer must learn to notice those unique qualities of the person and bring out those characteristics in the portrait.  This skill often takes years, if not decades, to develop.  It’s a constant evolution.  It means being open to criticism, making mistakes, learning to correct them and moving on.  You must be able to see the world around you, being open to the fine details of life, understanding the laws of nature and the principles of harmony in all the earth.

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