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How to take great pictures

As I walked thru the city I noticed a young couple; he, a newly made photographer with a camera budget; she, clearly trying to be a super model. She tried very hard to portray a certain image, her legs perfectly displayed, her lips fixed with a cute, pouty face. After seeing these attempts of a young and obviously novice “pro”, I decided to share my thoughts on this subject.

I see it in photo shoots, posturing and insincerity. It’s too rough and unnatural. I understand these girls, afraid to show their inner self, perhaps its still being developed.

In order to have an attractive look, one needs only to think of something clever. Sometimes it’s a matter of not doing something rather than forcing an action. A photograph taken by accident when really caught in the moment is much more attractive…the flying hair, a hearty laugh, dimples on the cheeks…when you look at these pictures you realize the emotions you feel. Pictures framed in the natural aesthetics is better than deliberately placed items.

A real photographer needs to learn to create an atmosphere in which people feel at ease. That is the most important element for both beginner and seasoned pros. Always remember to socialize with the subject before pressing the shutter, feel her mood, her thoughts. You must build trust. One of the most effective ways is to surprise, ask an unexpected question, cause a pleasant memory. Do not warn the person that you’re already shooting, they will relax and you will catch it “without the image”.

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