The best part of my job is becoming a part of your family’s life.  After all, family is what life is all about!  My goal is to become Your family photographer, to be the one you call when your child has his or her first birthday, to be the one you call when your family is all together and you want to preserve that brief moment in history, or simply to call me when you plan to visit a park and let me take photos of you together in a natural environment.  As I said in my post How to Take Great Pictures a picture shouldn’t be rigid and too planned, it should be done naturally to capture the true spirit of the person.  Only when I’ve captured those moments will my job be complete.

Inessa Lazenby is a photographer serving Fort Worth, Keller, and Dallas metroplex areas offering a unique blend of fine art and photojournalist photography.  I’ve taken pictures for families at Trinity Park, the Botanic Gardens, Bear Creek Park in Keller, and I also offer studio photography at any one of several studio rental facilities.  Read more about my Ukrainian heritage and how my European heritage has influenced my work in photography.


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